Permanent Collection

90s Goth (launched 2024) Clove cigarette smoke, jet black lipstick, worn leather, fog machine, and white violet musk.

1983 (launched 2018): Freshly laundered denim, retro musk, tobacco, velvety orris, strawberry candy, vintage amber, and tobacco.
Antique Books (launched 2021): Old paper pages, aged suede, leather, subtle woods, and lignin.
Autumn In Salem (launched 2018): Aged wood, antiqued cedar chests, windswept autumn leaves, witch shop incense, rain misted old houses, and bare birch trees.

Bernadette (launched 2018): Freshly tilled churchyard soil, antique cedar rosaries, orange and fig compote, geraniums wafting through a churchyard garden.

Bewitched: (launched 2019): Ancient tree resin, bare birch trees, dark vintage musk, crackling fireplace logs, sandalwood incense, freshly tilled garden soil, candle wax, and a ghosting of forest pine.

Black Baccara (launched 2023): Black rose, burning embers, woody nuances of bois de rose and cedar, black honey, and Bulgarian rose.

Black Cat (launched 2010): Toasted cardamon, church incense, ancient cedars, tendrils of oak moss, cloves, and earth.

Boneyard (launched 2011): Rain misted freshly tilled soil, cedar trees, cemetery moss, dark patchouli, extinguished candle wick, bouquets of clove and cardamom.

Book Fair (launched 2020): Freshly printed book pages, ink, number 2 pencils, and a cool autumn breeze wafting through the window of a school library.

Candied Lavender (launched 2024): Sugared lavender, warm caramel, and vanilla creme.

Carnival Of Ghosts (launched 2010): Freshly carved pumpkin, macintosh apples, aged patchouli, carnival popcorn, vintage sarsaparilla, flickering candles, and tendrils of smoke from a witch's cauldron.

Cathedral Noir (launched 2021): Holy water, juniper and cedar incense smoke, melted candle wax, aged myrrh resin, lilies, and deep aged labdanum.

Cemetery Moss (launched 2019): Green moss, vintage amber, tobacco smoke, petrichor, myrrh, and rain misted grass.

Ethervelvet (launched 2024): Oakmoss, amber, frankincense, lavender, vetiver, orchid, cedar, leather, and pineapple.

Ghost Horse (launched 2019): Freshly cut grass, leather saddle, green ferns, cedar barn wood, hay bales, frankincense, dirt, and a squeeze of lime. 

Ghost Violet (launched 2019): Antiqued violet, antique wooden spiral staircase, aged dark vanilla, and a ghosting of vetiver.

Halcyon Jasmine (launched 2024): Indian jasmine absolute, amber musk, raspberry, black pepper, and orange marmalade.

Hekate (launched 2010): Ylang ylang, dark aged patchouli, myrrh, black pepper, hibiscus, leather, and lilac. 

Holy Ghost (launched 2023): vintage church incense, Somalian frankincense, aged Somalian myrrh, altar wine, old stones, soil, oak moss, violet leaf, and a trace of Bulgarian rose. 

Joan Of Arc (launched 2012): Smoke, fire, leather, mossy greens, soil, cedar, metal armor, and fog.

Magdalene (launched 2010): Oak moss, blooming geraniums, light patchouli, and almonds.

Midnight Mass (launched 2010): Frankincense, myrrh, ancient moss, aged merlot, antique woods, and extinguished candle wick.

New Doll: (launched 2010): Strawberry, lemon cake, baby powder, clean cotton, and leather.

Nocturnique (launched 2024): Agarwood, dark chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, tonka, palo santo, and a touch of oakmoss.

Nosferatu (launched 2010): Dark patchouli, deep red roses, aged red wine, dirt, tobacco smoke, and fireplace embers.

Obsidian Forest (launched 2022): Plum, blueberry honey, hinoki wood, myrrh incense smoke, and forest woods.

Occult Bookstore (launched 2021): New tarot decks and printed pages, cinnamon cedar incense, and a melange of dried herbs and potions.

Onyx Patchouli (launched 2024): Aged dark patchouli, black pepper, labdanum, oakmoss, Haitian vetiver, and myrrh. 

Peach Patchouli (launched 2024): Dark syrupy patchouli, vanilla creme, spun sugar, and peach nectar.

Please Rewind (launched 2021): VHS tape cases, hot popcorn, and the ozonic, static-like aroma of a hot VHS tape fresh from the VCR.

Queen Of Crypts (launched 2023): Dark petrichor, oakmoss, cardamon fig incense, nerolina and a scattering of dried rose petals.

Snow Leopard (launched 2023): Mysore sandalwood, mountain snow, Himalayan cedarwood, frosted grass, amber, 8 year aged double distilled patchouli, and fir needle. 

Sunny Patchouli (launched 2024): Light patchouli, white grapefruit, sugared lavandin, orange zest, lime, and yuzu.

Temple Doves (launched 2019): Soft musk, orange, nag champa incense, and pomegranate. 

The Gables (launched 2020): Antique wood, charred violets, agarwood smoke, and fireplace embers.

Vampire Romance (launched 2023): Velvety woods, antiqued amber, dragon's blood resin, blood accord, black rose, Somalian frankincense, and a drop of merlot.

Vena Cava (launched 2012): Dark florals, merlot, orris, ylang ylang, oud, and blood accord.

Witch House (launched 2020): Black patchouli, plum wine, cinnamon smoke, black honey, blueberry, and burning sage.

Witch’s Veil (launched 2019): Dripping candle wax, extinguished candle flames, aged potions, charred black lace, antique floorboards, labdanum, vanilla absolute, spanish moss, and frankincense.