All Things Perfume

This series of articles written by our founder explores some of the most frequently asked questions she has received about perfumery over the years. We hope that you might find some helpful information among them.

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Perfume Oil Vs. Alcohol-Based Fragrances

Learn about the subtle differences in each fragrance format.


Do Perfumes Expire?

All about perfume longevity and aging.


Perfumes Vs Fragrance Oils: An Important Distinction

Clearing up some confusion between perfume oils and fragrance oils.

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How To Wear Perfume Oils

Some tips on getting the most out of this unique fragrance format.

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Tips For Making Your Perfume Last Longer

Some tips and tricks for maximizing perfume longevity.

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Do Perfumes Need To Rest?

Dispelling some myths about the need to rest perfume.

fragrance allergens

Understanding Fragrance Allergens

All about allergens in perfumery, how to read ingredients lists, and more.