Do perfumes need to rest?

perfume bottle

In perfumery, the responsibility of macerating a fragrance falls on the perfumer before the product is shipped. The idea that a perfume always needs to be “rested” in order to be experienced correctly is a myth. In most cases, the only time a perfume needs rest is if it underwent extreme temperature changes in transit, in which case it would be better after returning to room temperature. A day or so of rest is plenty of time for fragrances affected by temperature fluctuations to settle back down. Letting fragrances rest for any extended period of time is more about aging them for refinement rather than necessity, much like aging wine. Temperature and light can significantly affect the longevity of perfumes, however. The optimal environment for fragrances is a cool, dark, dry area.

Fragrances typically undergo a maceration period lasting up to several months, with three weeks being the average minimum. However, mass marketing and “fast fragrance” sometimes abandon this integral part of the process in favor of expedited production. In perfumery, once a fragrance is composed, different aging processes are needed depending on the composition of the fragrance. Sometimes there is a prolonged maceration process (aging the concentrate before adding carrier), or a prolonged maturation (allowing the blended composition to mature). This process is highly dependent on the ingredients themselves and the preferences of the perfumer. 

You won’t ever see our fragrances labeled with anything resembling “made fresh to order” because this is simply not how the perfume process works. Perfumes not properly macerated in-house have notable differences—they tend to be less stable, less potent, and lacking in nuance. Time plays a critical role in perfumery. In a well composed fragrance, you will experience it as the perfumer intended without the need for prolonged resting. While perfumes are ready to be enjoyed as soon as they reach your hands, aging is a personal preference since many perfumes do grow more beautiful with age, especially those with deep, dark, earthy, and resinous materials. 

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