Kalliope Amorphous, perfumer
Perfumers organ

About My Work

I compose fragrances at the crossroads of art, memory and ritual. Each is a blend of evocative materials carefully chosen to transport you to moments that resonate with both the sacred and the familiar.

In embracing the beauty of the unseen and the mysterious, my work explores the subtle nuances of shadows, recognizing them as integral components of an intricate chiaroscuro. Through the medium of perfumery, my goal is always to distill the essence of this captivating interplay into a sensory journey. To me, perfume and the symbolism of ghosts metaphorically intertwine, and you’ll see that thematically in much of my work. The amorphous quality of perfume captures the idea that true beauty lies in its ability to transcend the physical and the illusion of time, creating a ritual that engages the senses in a dance that is always fluid and evolving.

Perfume, like music, utilizes the arrangement of notes and chords to provoke an emotional response. When I am creating a blend, the process is similar to writing a poem or creating an image. I craft each perfume based on the emotional quality of each note or chord until the picture  I have in mind emerges in the story of the finished fragrance. I offer artful perfumes that defy the monotony of department store perfumes while providing a glimpse into something magical. Fragrance can be wearable art, where evocative narratives can be experienced and integrated into our own personal style. 

In the alchemy of perfume creation, I'm captivated by the timeless feel that earthy, resinous materials, dark florals, deep woods, and incense notes bring to the olfactory tapestry. There's a primal, ancient magic that resides in these elements, casting a spell that connects us to the mysterious depths of nature and the past. Crafting fragrances with these intricate layers allows me to evoke a sense of timeless enchantment, where the shadows hold and mold emotions.

Olfactory art allows me to explore many of the same themes that I explore in my other work through a more sensory medium. Through it I can turn archetypes, myths, and memories into something tangible and evocative. The creative process always feels like conjuring old ghosts that want to transcend the boundaries of time. That hauntingly beautiful essence is what I want you to experience in the finished work. From the initial concept to the final touches, my passion is in creating timeless, evocative pieces no matter which medium I am working in. I hope you will enjoy wearing my creations as much as I love creating them.