Hauntingly Beautiful Fragrances Since 2010

Summer 2024 Has Arrived

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Artful Perfumery Beyond the Ordinary

Composed and conceptualized by artist Kalliope Amorphous, our enchanting fragrances have transcended the ordinary realm of scents for over a decade. We offer immersive bottled works of art designed to evoke emotions, stir long forgotten memories, and empower you through the ritual of fragrance.

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Vegan Friendly

We test on humans, never animals. Almost all of our fragrances are vegan. On the rare occasion when we use beeswax or butter, we'll let you know.


We believe that the concept of gendered fragrance is antiquated. We consider our fragrances gender-free and beyond the binary. In other words, if you like it, you should wear it.

The Handmade Difference

Our fragrances are crafted by hand in small batches. We believe that perfume is art and we specialize in atmospheric, unusual fragrances that defy the monotony of mainstream perfume.