Black Baccara Perfume Is Now Amorphous Perfume!

Black Baccara perfume is now Amorphous Perfume

After nearly fifteen years of creating unique conceptual fragrances under the name Black Baccara, the perfume house of Kalliope Amorphous began a transformative rebranding in late 2023, emerging as Amorphous Perfume. The catalyst for this change stemmed from the artist's weariness with the former name, a weariness fueled by a formidable years-long trademark battle against a ruthless multimillion-dollar corporation. Amorphous Perfume encapsulates not only her name but the essence of fluidity and formlessness, reflecting her penchant for haunting, ghostly fragrances unconfined by conventional boundaries.

Kalliope has translated the same themes she is known for exploring in her visual art into the realm of fragrance since 2009 and Amorphous Perfume marks a creative rebirth for the artist who is at the heart of the house. This transition not only signifies a name change but also heralds a harmonious fusion of artistic realms and the reclaiming of creative autonomy.

With this change, Kalliope finds herself not merely altering the exterior facade of her studio but ushering in a metamorphosis. It is a deliberate and empowering move that injects a deeply personal essence into the work.  In a world often dominated by faceless corporate entities, the decision to name the studio after the artist is a reclaiming of agency and a celebration of the deeply personal connection between creator and creation. In her commitment to authenticity, she feels that it not only establishes a direct and intimate connection with her creations but also marks a profound declaration of artistic identity.

For our loyal patrons, thank you for your enduring support over the years. While our name has evolved, the unique types of fragrances you’ve come to know and love will remain unchanged. For those who are just discovering us, we extend a heartfelt welcome to the world of Amorphous Perfume. Our studio is not just a space where fragrances are created; it is a place where the boundaries between art and perfume blur to create an immersive experience of art, memory, and ritual.

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