We unfortunately have no control over how USPS handles delivery of your package. If your package was marked delivered, but you did not receive it, we recommend the following steps.

1. Ensure the shipping address that you provided to us is accurate.

2. USPS sometimes automatically updates a package as delivered prematurely. Please wait an additional 48 hours because the package may arrive after it was marked delivered.

3. If your package still does not arrive, please check with others in your household to see if they retrieved the package. If not, contact your local post office so that they can check the GPS coordinates of your delivery. Be sure you contact your local post office, and not the main USPS. Ask for the carrier who delivered the package, and for further details.

4. If the package still does not arrive, please call USPS to file a claim. We can assist you with any information needed from us for the claim process, but Amorphous Perfume cannot reimburse or re-ship orders that were mis-delivered by the post office or stolen from a property. While all of our packages are insured, insurance does not cover packages that were marked delivered or were stolen.

5. If you suspect that your package was stolen from your residence, we recommend filling a police report. If you regularly have issues with packages being stolen from your residence, please contact us to arrange signature confirmation for your orders.