Ritual oilsThe terms conjure oils, magical oils, ritual oils, and full moon oils are used interchangeably in my products. My spiritual practice pulls from my ancestral roots (European and West African) and is centered in folk Catholicism, Vodun, and hoodoo. All of my ritual oils, conjure oils, and spiritual items are crafted artfully and intuitively to honor the spirits that walk with me, honor the traditions of my ancestors, and to help elevate others through the magic of these paths.

Perfumes have been used throughout the ages as an integral part of rituals, both personal and magical. They may be used to ceremonially anoint the body as well as tools used in magical work, and can be left as offerings to deities and spirits who may be drawn to their scent. Fragrance materials, both natural and synthetic, also hold their own magic. Most natural materials have their own individual associations. Frankincense, for example, has been used since ancient times in spiritual rituals of protection and purification. The spiritual and ritual uses of aromatics take many forms, from incense to floor washes to ritual bathing. 

Each of my oils is handcrafted intuitively and empathically using aromatic compounds, herbs, roots, stones, and other materials associated with the oil's intention. Occasionally, I will use a synthetic fragrance if no other version of an aroma exists in a natural product (for example, a strawberry fragrance) or if it is not cruelty-free (I will only use synthetic animal musk alternatives). The oil will often arrive to you still containing the loose herbs, flowers, roots, and other materials in the bottle, which you can choose to strain out or keep in the bottle to continue to infuse it. 

The transportive power of fragrance lends itself effortlessly to rituals. Because it has the ability to powerfully evoke memories, emotions, and desires, fragrance is an ideal vehicle for placing intention, no matter what your practice is. From ancient rituals to hoodoo work to contemporary aromatherapy practices, the power of scent has always been an integral part of ritual. As a visual artist, I also feel that the visual aspect of the blend can also help with placing intention and evoking a certain energy, which is why the bottle aesthetic and label are also essential to me. It's why I also enjoy using visual elements like eco-friendly glitter in many of my blends. 

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be challenging to find the time to slow down and acknowledge our senses. Because the sense of smell is most closely tied to emotion and memory, it is the perfect sense to work with when you want to incorporate ritual into your daily life. Aroma has a unique way of quickly heightening the senses, triggering emotions, and opening up the pathway to focus mental and emotional energy. Just as a unique scent can seem to carry you away to another time and place, it can also help facilitate meditative states and moods. Scent is transportive, and you can work with that transportive quality to heighten your rituals. 

The most potent aspect of working with these types of oils is the intention and personal energy that you put behind them while working with them. Each blend contains a meticulously selected and blessed group of ingredients meant to influence the direction of your work, and the activation lies in your method of working with them. Without knowing your particular practice, or your intended use, it can be difficult to offer instruction on the best way for you to work with a specific oil. Still, there are some general methods that you might find helpful in unlocking the full potential of each oil. 

While many of my customers use these oils in their spiritual practices, many simply enjoy wearing them as a perfume due to their unique aroma profiles. A ritual doesn't have to be complicated. Merely wearing a fragrance that resonates with your chosen intention and mood can change the energy of your day. Here are some suggestions on the ways you can use your ritual and conjure oils. Each oil has its intended use, and this is a general overview of how to work with specific blends. When working with these oils, please be sure to keep pets away from them and the areas they are used in since many essential oils, herbs, and roots are very toxic to pets. 

For oils with protective profiles

Anoint the body, particularly the top of the head and the soles of the feet, before entering any situation that may involve conflict.

For protecting a residence, disperse a drop on all corners of the property and all corners of windowsills and doorframes. 

To protect the heart, anoint the chest. To protect the mind, anoint the top of the head. To protect against malevolent spirits, anoint the soles of the feet.

To protect during the night against nightmares or other nocturnal concerns, place some sea salt in a bowl, add a few drops of oil to the top, and place it under the bed.

Protection oils are also an excellent option to offer to spirits and deities who are strongly associated with protection (Erzulie Dantor, Kali, Archangel Michael, patron saints of protection, etc.)

Use in conjunction with more complex spells or candle work to amplify and seal them. 


For oils with love profiles

To attract love, wear as a daily ritual perfume while focusing on your intention.

Ritual oils with love profiles do not always need to be used to create energy between two people. To enhance feelings of self-love and universal love, anoint the heart chakra before meditation or before starting your day.

Love oils are also an excellent option to offer to spirits and deities who are strongly associated with the qualities of love (Erzulie Freda, Aphrodite, patron saints of love, etc.)

Use in conjunction with more complex spells or candle work to amplify and seal them. 


For oils with road opening or clearing profiles

Use to anoint physical objects such as money, checks, documents, and other items relating to your intention or goal. Always apply oil in an outward motion to indicate something you wish to move away from you and in an inward movement to indicate what you would like to draw toward you.

Dress orange, yellow, or gold candles with the oil and burn them over a written petition containing your goal.

If the ingredients are surface safe, use in floor washes. Apply a few drops to a cloth and carefully pass over surfaces or objects.

Use in conjunction with more complex spells or candle work to amplify and seal them.


For oils with vision or divination enhancing profiles

Anoint the crown or third eye chakra before divination or healing work.

Anoint divination tools such as tarot cards, pendulums, stones, or scrying objects before use.


For oils relating to money, luck, and prosperity

Use to dress green candles for money spells.

Anoint pyrite, coins, or paper money while focusing on your intentions.

Use in conjunction with more complex spells or candle work to amplify and seal them.

Wear as a ritual perfume during situations like job interviews or other situations related to the intention.


For oils with other specified qualities

All oils, unless otherwise specified, can be used for ritual baths, which are a soothing act of self-care as well as a beautiful way to focus on your intention.

Use to dress candles with colors corresponding to the intention of the oil. 

Use as a ritual perfume. The simple act of wearing a ritual perfume can help elevate and amplify your intentions because aromas are such a strong conduit for energy and emotion. 

 Originally published August 2021