witchy perfumes

Artful Perfumery Beyond The Ordinary

Composed and conceptualized by artist Kalliope Amorphous, our enchanting fragrances have transcended the ordinary realm of scents for over a decade. We offer immersive bottled works of art designed to evoke emotions, stir long forgotten memories, and empower you through the ritual of fragrance.

After nearly fifteen years of creating unique conceptual fragrances under the name Black Baccara, the perfume house of Kalliope Amorphous began a transformative rebranding in late 2023, emerging as Amorphous Perfume.

Drawing upon 16 years of expertise as a perfumer, Kalliope explores the intricate interplay between the scientific precision of perfumery and the limitless imagination of an artist. Her perfumes are not merely fragrances but rather immersive bottled art meant to stir emotions and evoke memories. Fans of Kalliope's visual art will discover a parallel essence in her olfactory creations. Her distinctive perfumes resonate with the same enduring themes she has passionately explored for decades—time, memory, longing, resilience, mythology, nostalgia, and the hauntingly beautiful. 

Her journey in perfumery is a narrative of continual growth, fueled by an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering quest to bottle emotions and memories. Nearly two decades of dedicated commitment have elevated her creations beyond mere fragrances; they stand as captivating works of art, profoundly resonating with those who experience them.

Amorphous perfumes cater to those who seek the enchanting synergy of fragrance and art, for daydreamers and poets in search of emotive atmospheres, for outsiders looking for that elusive scent that encapsulates their personality, for romantics in search of the timeless and haunting, for those seeking carefully and intentionally crafted ritual, and for anyone in search of a unique fragrance experience.

You can delve deeper into Kalliope's body of work by visiting her website at www.kalliopeamorphous.com