New ritual oils for 2024

dreams and sleep conjure oil

I’m happy to announce that my ritual oil collection has been refreshed for 2024 and features many of the same themes from my earlier collection, with some refinements. For example, my Love oil has been recomposed so that it is closer to a traditional perfume in terms of scent profile and wearability.

I've been frustrated for a long time by my descriptions and instructions for my ritual oils being copied by various online stores over the years. To somehow try to remedy this, I’m opting for transparency by sharing all the ingredients used in my ritual oils. While the materials used contribute to the overall efficacy, the process involved in conjure goes beyond ingredient blending, thus my desire to offset having my words stolen is greater than my desire to keep my recipes entirely proprietary.

The intention of the practitioner, the spirits that they walk with, and the conditions under which the workings are made are all crucial aspects of the potency of the work. My hope is that this transparency not only highlights the quality of each oil and its correspondences, but also establishes a direct connection to my work and words.

Here are the 2024 permanent collection ritual oils.

A dreamy blend of blue tansy, German chamomile, Bulgarian lavender, helichrysum, blue lotus, and clear quartz. Useful for facilitating relaxation, unwinding, deep dreaming, and dream recall.

A potent ritual perfume featuring cedar, clove, dittany of Crete, red clover, rose, violet leaf, and rose quartz. Use for all workings that center on love, self-love, and universal love.

A deep green composition of bay leaf, basil, cinnamon, coffee bean, patchouli, tonka bean, wild strawberry leaf, and peridot. Use to amplify and quicken all workings related to finance.

This is a heavy-hitting protection oil featuring black pepper, dragons’ blood, galangal root, tobacco, black cohosh root, high John root, and obsidian. Useful in all protection workings, big and small.

A transcendent blend of Somalian frankincense, juniper berry, myrrh, palo Santo, mugwort, orris root, wormwood, and labradorite. Wear to facilitate spirit communication, enhance divination work, and during meditation.

An intensely amplifying composition of bergamot, cedar, cinnamon, clove, coffee, five finger grass, ginger root, and tiger’s eye. Use on its own to facilitate power workings, use as an amplifier in other

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