Introducing Atelier Limited Editions

perfume materials

One of my creative frustrations for many years has been the inability to create very small batches due to the need to meet demand for my work. When I create something new for collections, I usually have to make at minimum 500 bottles to even start. While that won’t change, I’ve decided to create a new section of the website called Atelier Limiteds to resolve some of my creative vexations.

This section of the website will feature smaller batch creations of the extremely limited variety. For example, it may include very small batches of compositions that have rare or limited ingredients that don’t allow me to make enough bottles for an entire collection launch. So, if I make a composition from a small amount of rare or costly materials and it’s not feasible to make hundreds of bottles, you’ll find them under Atelier Limiteds. 

It will also sometimes include different bottle types and sizes for perfumes in the permanent collection when I’m in the mood to downsize some of my massive bottle inventory. 

I don’t know how often I will be adding new items in, because things tend to get pretty crazy for me very quickly when it comes to order volume. But, just having the section there relieves some of the pressure of feeling like every single composition I make has to be scaled up to 500+ bottles. 

My materials collection is massive and I have so many materials and compositions that might not ever see the light of day if I have to always upscale so hugely. So, it’s an artistic thing for me and something where collectors of my work can look forward to seeing new and interesting things occasionally pop up there. Right now I have some 30ml Carnival Of Ghosts EDPs and some bottles of an Indian patchouli that I’ve been aging for five years. They will be available when I open on the 19th.



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