90s Goth Perfume Returns

90s Goth Perfume

I’m happy to announce that I’ve reached perfection on my 90s Goth reformulation. If you loved the original version, I think you’re going to love this one too if not more. It’s not that much different at all and I would describe it as just a more nuanced and balanced version of the original 90s Goth. 

I rebuilt the entire clove cigarette accord from the ground up so that it feels smoother, so with that you’re going to get less of a big hit of clove and tobacco at the opening. Instead, it’s a steady smooth note all the way through. The violet musk is exactly the same in this version and the leather is just as prominent but more refined and integrated. I’ve also added a fog machine note that adds a slight grape-y feel in the background. The longevity is just as intense, lasting at minimum six hours on everyone who has tried it. 

It will be available when I open on February 19th and samples will be available as well.


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