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I'm so excited to share my Summer 2024 collection with you. This is one of my most unique summer collections, and it has something for everyone. The collection will go live on June 21st at 8pm EST. Preorders will open on May 31st at 8pm and will close on June 2 at 8pm.

This year I will be adding my pride month fundraiser to the spring preorders as well. Without further ado, here are all of the details of the summer collection!

Blue Violet (5ml perfume oil, 10ml perfume oil) Preorders available
Aroma palette is a fruity gourmand. Highlights include violet musk and blueberry jam.

A beautifully rich and decadent take on violet, Blue Violet is built on a beautiful shadowy violet musk accord dancing with decadent blueberry jam. It's shadowy without veering too dark, like a violet sitting under the blue cast of summer moonlight. This is the perfect fragrance for those who prefer a bit of dark mystery, even in their summer florals. 

Mermaid Musk (5ml perfume oil) Preorders available
Aroma palette is an aquatic and ozonic. Highlights include ocean air, driftwood, ambergris (synthetic accord), black seaweed accord, saltwater, and blue musk.

This haunting aquatic is a deep, sultry aquatic featuring notes of ocean air and saltwater bedecked in the woody tones of driftwood. In the background, a gentle breeze of our black seaweed accord brings a deep water mysteriousness to the brew. All of these ocean elements are set against a backdrop of ozonic blue musk -an airy musk that evokes visions of blue skies above the ocean. 

Mrs Rabbit (5ml perfume oil) Launch only
Aroma palette is earthy atmospheric with slight florals. Highlights include carrots, celery, cucumber, rose absolute, sun warmed rabbit fur, and garden dirt. 

This unique, earthy fragrance is a whimsical summer vegetable garden in a bottle. Featuring deep, earthy notes of garden dirt and carrots, it reveals fresh bursts of cucumber, roses, and sun warmed rabbit fur on the dry down. This is a very deep, earthy blend perfect for those who eschew the notes traditionally associated with summer perfumes.

Sugared Violets (15ml EDP)  Launch only
Aroma palette is a vintage inspired floral gourmand. Highlights include parma violets, cotton candy, airy vanilla, and sugar.

Inspired by the violet perfumes of the late 19th century, Sugared Violets is an ethereal blend of soft parma violets, airy vanilla, a beautifully realistic cotton candy accord, and sugar. This breezy, romantic interpretation of violet is the ultimate flourmand for those who want to evoke the mystery of the unique violet perfumes of the Victorian era.

Summer Witch (5ml perfume oil, 10ml perfume oil) Preorders available
Aroma palette is a floral musk. Highlights include lilacs at dusk, white musk, mandarin, and pineapple.

A soft, hauntingly beautiful witchy floral, Summer Witch is like walking through a moonlit summer garden after dusk. The lilac accord is darker and more sultry than the artists other interpretations of lilac and presents as stronger at the opening before gently stepping into the background on the dry down. The fruit notes here are subtle and feature fresh pineapple and juicy mandarin. This bewitching fragrance settles into a beautifully unique floral musk. 

Wake Me In October (5ml perfume oil, 10ml perfume oil, 15ml EDP) Preorders available
Aroma palette is gourmand with touches of earth and musk. Highlights include brown sugar, caramel apples, pumpkin waffles, vanilla musk, and autumn leaves.

This one is for the loathers of summer, those who want to conjure autumn all year round, or simply those who like to dip into a bit of bottled autumn in the middle of July to get excited about the dark season to come. 

This fragrance evokes all of the best of autumn while still remaining airy enough for the warmer months. Here, the artist wanted to compose a scent that smelled more like the memory of autumn rather than autumn itself. A cozy vanilla musk dances with brown sugar, caramel apples, pumpkin waffles, with an autumn breeze floating in from the distance. It's autumn nostalgia in a bottle.

Fairy Festival (5ml perfume oil) Preorders available
Aroma palette is an an earthy, fruity gourmand. Highlights include caramelized bananas, coconut vanilla macarons, and light patchouli.

Make your summer memorable with our unique summer-centered take on patchouli. This lush, decadent gourmand features a light and airy patchouli dancing with caramelized bananas and coconut vanilla macarons. It's the perfect choice for the patchouli lover in search of a summery version of its earthiness. Here, the caramelized banana remains most prominent above the patchouli, with coconut vanilla emerging briefly on the drydown. It evokes visions of faeries celebrating summer with a festival bedecked in both sweets and treasures of the earth.

Rainbows (Pride Month Fundraiser 5ml perfume oil, 10ml perfume oil) Preorders available
Aroma palette is a fruity musk. Highlights include sunshine musk, grape candy, mandarin, and pear.

When composing this fragrance, the artist wanted to build the aromatic essence of a rainbow. Built on our version of the iconic Grojsman accord (also referred to as the "hug me" accord), this unique sunshine musk features notes of grape candy, mandarin, and pear. This is a long-wearing skin scent, beckoning one to move closer and fall under its spell. Rainbows is an airy musk with hints of light florals lingering in the background, rounded out by touches of fruit and a unique grape candy accord. 

50% of proceeds from the sale of this fragrance for the month of June will be donated to New Alternatives, NYC. New Alternatives is a resource center dedicated to the care and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV+ homeless youth in New York City. Amorphous perfume is gay owned and we thank you for supporting us during these turbulent times while also helping us give back to our community!

Returning Fragrances

Strawberry Cake (5ml perfume oil, 10ml perfume oil) Preorders available
Aroma palette is gourmand and fruity. Highlights include yellow cake accord, strawberry jam, fresh whipped cream, and freshly cut summer strawberries.

This indulgent gourmand features our rich yellow cake batter accord bursting with strawberry jam, fresh whipped cream, and freshly cut summer strawberries. 

Jasmine Sorbet (5ml perfume oil, 10ml perfume oil) Preorders available

Aroma palette is a floral infused gourmand. Highlights include jasmine vanilla sorbet, marshmallow fluff drizzle, a dusting of tonka bean, and a squeeze of clementine.

This enchanting gourmand dances perfectly between the floral and the gourmand, with a jasmine infused vanilla sorbet as the star of the show. At the opening, this fragrance blooms with fresh jasmine, before morphing into a soft vanilla. One the drydown, a pop of fresh clementine emerges briefly, marshmallow fluff sugars the vanilla a bit more, and a dusting of tonka bean keeps things creamy and warm. This blend settles into a smooth, soft, and utterly timeless vanilla jasmine.



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